Wade Ziperstein

Fire & Ambulance Station

Design Proposal

This design proposal for a 20,000 square foot program on a brownfield site in Worthington, Minnesota included housing two separate facilities under one roof: one for the city’s full-time EMS staff and another for the volunteer fire department and community park.

In response to the city’s concerns, we wanted to create a landmark that contributed to the village’s stability and professional commitment to the safety of its residents. To create a sense of history, when staff and members of the community approach the building’s main entry courtyard, large glass windows showcase fire trucks, both old and new.

The layout of the facility emphasizes community access to public spaces, including a community room that shares a glass wall with the adjacent antique fire truck display.

The design incorporated sustainable features to reduce long-term operational and maintenance costs, including, orienting the building for maximum natural daylight, solar wall systems for preheating ventilation air, and geothermal ground source pumps for heating and cooling.

My Role: Designer

Architect: Short Elliott Henrickson

Photographer: Paul Nelson Photography

Fire & Ambulance Station photo
Fire & Ambulance Station photo
Fire & Ambulance Station photo
Fire & Ambulance Station photo
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